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April Loot Crate Unboxing: Dragons!!!


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I’m falling in love with this logo

I enjoyed my first experience with Loot Crate to a point. I liked the concept of getting a themed package of swag delivered to my house, and I loved the quick service. However, I was not a fan of the idea of getting a bunch of loot from something I don’t care about, as the last Loot Crate I did was based on Bravest Warriors, something I knew nothing about.

But when I saw that April’s theme was “dragons”, with the promise of swag based on the Game of Thrones HBO series as well as Elder Scrolls, it was impossible to pass up. I found another code online which gave me a chunk off the total and I re-subscribed so that I could get my dragon on. While I was a bit let down by the swag from the “Warriors” Crate, I was not disappointed in the least by the “Dragon” Crate.


I can feel the Elder fire burning within

I can feel the Elder fire burning within

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Dragon’s Crown Character Build Guide: Fighter

dragons crown fighter pic

One of the best parts of playing a beat ‘em up game is just smashing down mindlessly on the attack button as you pummel countless hordes of enemies. Dragon’s Crown, the beat ‘em up with an RPG flair, offers three melee-based characters that allow you to take the fight directly to the monsters. Of the three melee characters, the Fighter appealed to me right from the start. He looked cooler, moved quicker, and has a unique spin in that he actually has quite a few support-based skills to assist other players. While he may look it, he has some abilities that actually aid the party as opposed to being all about direct combat.

At first glance the Fighter seems like the perfect single-player character, with his high attack and defense values. However, underneath all that armor he’s actually a pretty nice guy that cares more about his buds than slaying the nearest goblin. I was shocked to find several skills in his tree that directly assist or buff allies, and this was certainly not something I expected from “The Fighter”… maybe from a cleric class, but not this heavily armored, sword-wielding hulk of a man.

I highly recommend following this guide if you are going to be playing with the Fighter online. While the Fighter does have great melee stats and skills, his support skills make him an excellent option if you want to be a good co-op partner. While most people may have the desire to use the Fighter to mindlessly take over the action, a good co-op buddy will realize that there is a potential balance with the Fighter between melee combat and buffing your buddies.

Dragons Crown Fighter Ax


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Wii U Review: Nintendo Land



When the Wii first came out Wii Sports was packaged with it to help show off what the system and controls could do. Nintendo Land aims to do the same with the Wii U, but it accomplishes so much more. Rather than feeling like a simple demo disc, Nintendo Land contains twelve mini games, each one based off a classic Nintendo franchise. The game is presented as a theme park, and initially you have to walk around to each game, but after playing two or three games the option to access a touch menu of games will become available. You play through them as your Miis, who don different costumes pertaining to the mini game being played. While some of the games are lacking, a good portion of them are actually fun, and it’s something that has a lot more replay value than Wii Sports did. The games are separated into three main categories; Team Attractions, Competitive Attractions and Solo Attractions. Let’s take a trip down to Nintendo Land and go over the attractions.


  • Animal Crossing: Sweet Day (competitive 2-5 players): Your Miis will don cute critter costumes and attempt to snag candy while dodging the fuzz. The player using the GamePad controls two cops, with each one being controlled by a different analog stick. Having to get used to using the two sticks simultaneously is where the challenge lies. The other players will use Wii Remotes to run about the field, grab candy pieces, and toss it into giant candy dishes. It’s a pretty simple game but fun, and I could see it being a lot more fun with more players involved.


nintendo land animal crossing (Small)

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PS3 Review: Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

Chances are that if you purchased a PS Move, you also grabbed a copy of Sports Champions. And chances are that your favorite two activities in the game are the Gladiator Duel and Archery. Now imagine a Move game that incorporated both those activities (plus Frisbee Golf) into a fantasy game where you fight an army of the undead. That, in a nutshell, is Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest. It sounded like a great premise and it’s been sitting on my Gamefly queue for quite some time until it finally shipped last week.

In Medieval Moves, you play a prince who is turned into a skeleton along with the rest of the kingdom. You must do battle against other skeletons in order to finally confront the evil wizard/demon/bad guy that placed this curse on the kingdom. Armed with a variety of weapons, you control Edmund (who jokingly calls himself “Deadmund” once the curse is cast) as he explores the castle and surrounding area in order to save the day.

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Heading to Medieval Times in November!

I just finished purchasing tickets to Medieval Times, and I’m pretty darn excited. Shell and I are going down to see her mother for Thanksgiving, and I realized that there was a Medieval Times not too far from her house. Thus, I encouraged them to go, and they both agreed. I just bought some cheap discount tickets for the three of us online, so it won’t be too pricey for a fantastic dinner and show.

I remember my first trip to the Medieval Times in NJ. I think it must have been part of our senior trip…either way, it was definitely a class trip. I really enjoyed the general atmosphere of it, and when I discovered that Shell had never been there, I was adamant about us going. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drag her with me when I saw how close we would be. I’m really looking forward to seeing some guys with swords hack at each other while enjoying a chicken dinner.

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