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Simpson’s Lego Minifigures Revealed

lego simpsons minifigure logo

A dream come true…

Back in January I was talking about the Simpson’s dream house that was going to be available from Lego. At $200 it’s quite steep, but at the time Lego had promised something in the way of smaller sets that would be more wallet friendly. The wait is over, and Lego has released pictures of the new minifigures.

Unfortunately, it’s not what I was hoping for. I was under the assumption they were going to make small sets, like maybe Otto’s bus or Bart’s classroom. Instead, the minifigures will consist of a set of sixteen individual characters, and will run about $4.00 a figure. Here’s the group photo:

Gotta catch 'em all

Gotta catch ‘em all

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Five Games I Can’t Wait to Spend My Money On

Insert played out meme here

Insert played out meme here

The list of Fall releases is starting to form, and the games coming out this year are the true stars of what is now the current-gen consoles. With the PS4 and Xbox One launching last November, there were few games available right away that were seen as must-haves, so 2014 is where gamers will be getting to sink their teeth into some great games that utilize these new systems. In fact, I’ve only bought Killzone since the PS4 launched, and I barely played it. There is a lot coming out, and what more, a lot that I actually want to own, not just rent from Gamefly. It took some thought, but I came up with the five games that I’m looking forward to buying this year:

5. WWE 2K15:


Can’t wait to make noobs rest in peace online

What is it: The annual WWE video game

Why do I want it: This is the first wrestling game to be appearing on the current-gen consoles. The WWE series has always had some solid gameplay that is a ton of fun, especially when playing with others, and I’m hoping that with the more powerful hardware these games can finally start looking and feeling even more realistic. Plus I can’t wait to recreate WrestleMania XXX and undo the results of the Undertaker/Lesnar match. I buy the new game each year, so this one is a no-brainer for me.


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RIP The Streak as Undertaker Loses at WrestleMania 30

The unthinkable...

The unthinkable…

Maggie Simpson shot Mr. Burns. Midi-chlorians make up the Force. What awaited Roland at the top of the Dark Tower. These are examples of plot twists that were just horrible. Well, you can now add Brock Lesnar breaking the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak to that list.

I may not watch wrestling these days but I always keep my eyes open to get a general sense of what’s going on in the WWE Universe. I knew that Undertaker was slated to face Brock Lesnar, and while I wasn’t a fan of the match card, I expected Undertaker to walk out of the Silverdome Superdome 22-0 at WrestleMania. Instead, I was shocked when I checked on the status of the match before going to bed last night and read that after three F-5′s Lesnar got the three-count and shattered the Dead Man’s streak.


It took three of these to lay the Undertaker to rest

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My First Experience with Loot Crate

loot crate logo

If you want a bunch of clutter to arrive at your house monthly, this is the place to go

I had never heard of Loot Crate until one of my friends on Facebook posted about how he was doing it. I was intrigued since I had never heard of it so I took to the Googlez to see what it was all about. Loot Crate is geared towards nerds and gamers, and for a flat rate each month you receive a box that contains six-eight nerdy items that have an MSRP of about $30 (the items are static, in that every box contains the same items for everyone.) If you opt to pay by the month, it will cost you $13.37 plus $6.00 shipping, though buying into a three-month or six-month plan lowers the cost slightly. I felt that $20 for a bunch of random collectibles and non-collectibles is a bit high, but I found a promo code that lowered the price a bit and figured I would use it to give it a shot.

Loot Crate ships on the 20th of each month from their location in California via USPS Priority Mail. I figured it would take a few days to get down here to North Carolina, but surprisingly I received mine in the mail the very next day, on the 21st. My friend Steve also purchased one, and he received his in New York yesterday, on the 22nd. I was shocked to find the box was pretty small, especially for all the stuff that was crammed inside.

How could such a small thing contain so much geekyness

How could such a small thing contain so much geekyness

Below are images of the contents of February’s Loot Crate, which was a “Warriors” theme. I had never heard of Bravest Warriors, which is where some of the inspiration for the loot came from, and I didn’t really get some of the items were. If you want to avoid spoilers while waiting for yours to arrive in the mail, don’t read any further.

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First Sacred 3 Trailer Revealed


Sacred 3 is coming, and as a fan of the franchise, as well as co-op games in general, I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival this Fall. I sunk close to two hundred hours into Sacred 2, and I hope Sacred 3 offers the same amount of replay value. There is no official release date yet, but Deep Silver did decide to offer up a little teaser trailer to somewhat introduce the playable characters. It looks like there will be five choices again, and it is reasonable to assume that each character will be extremely diverse from the others. Take a look at the video to see a Seraphin, teleporting mage and the other characters fight some baddies on a collapsing bridge while saving the damsel in distress:

YouTube Preview Image


I’m hoping to hear some more news about the game in the near future, especially since the devs were tight-lipped about it when I tried talking to them about it at PAX East 2013. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a new cooperative hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, clear your calendar to save time to go questing in Ancaria. I’ll definitely be updating the blog here as more news comes out for the game. Unfortunately, it appears that the game is only being developed for previous generation consoles, so don’t go trading in your PS3 or 360 just yet!


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