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RIP The Streak as Undertaker Loses at WrestleMania 30

The unthinkable...

The unthinkable…

Maggie Simpson shot Mr. Burns. Midi-chlorians make up the Force. What awaited Roland at the top of the Dark Tower. These are examples of plot twists that were just horrible. Well, you can now add Brock Lesnar breaking the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak to that list.

I may not watch wrestling these days but I always keep my eyes open to get a general sense of what’s going on in the WWE Universe. I knew that Undertaker was slated to face Brock Lesnar, and while I wasn’t a fan of the match card, I expected Undertaker to walk out of the Silverdome Superdome 22-0 at WrestleMania. Instead, I was shocked when I checked on the status of the match before going to bed last night and read that after three F-5′s Lesnar got the three-count and shattered the Dead Man’s streak.


It took three of these to lay the Undertaker to rest

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The Super Bowl Has Been Stricken From The Shit List

super bowl logo thingy

Gooooo commercials!

I’ve had a lot of animosity towards the Super Bowl in the past. I’ve often referred to it as the “Stuper Bowl” as I’m generally not a fan of the sport. I think football is highly overrated, especially when compared to what NHL players deal with through the course of a game, or even a season for that matter. I’ve never really watched the big game, and the one time I actually did while at college I instead opted to binge on Tecate, Captain Morgan and buffalo chicken pizza and spent the night puking in the kitchen sink and passed out on my futon. Shell and I often spent the night watching the Puppy Bowl and laughing at the football fans roaring with each touchdown.

Automatic fifteen yard penalty for ruffing

Automatic fifteen yard penalty for ruffing

But I’ve had a change of heart this year, and I will watch the game. I’m basically caving in to the peer pressure. You see, down here in the South, it’s unfathomable to most people that you are not a football fan, and even worse if you don’t watch the Super Bowl. It’s like serving a frozen biscuit or eating Cream of Wheat for breakfast…it’s just something you don’t do down here. And I interact with over three hundred individuals on a daily basis, most of which will ask me how I felt about the outcome of the game. I made the mistake last year of trying to explain to everyone that I don’t follow football and didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and was met with a lot of weird looks. I just can’t go through that torment again this year. Thus I’m giving in and tuning my cable box to FOX.

What All-American guy WOULDN'T want to watch this kind of action on a weekly basis?!

What All-American guy WOULDN’T want to watch this kind of action on a weekly basis?!

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Rangers Headed to Another Playoff Season


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a Rangers fan over the years it’s that the end of the season can be extremely stressful. It seems that the Rangers always have to fight those last few games in order to squeak into the playoffs, and this season was no exception. The Rangers had a tentative last place spot in the playoffs but had Winnipeg nipping at their heels to usurp that position. The Rangers needed just one win, and they almost didn’t get it. The Rangers were outplayed last night but managed to steal a big two points from the Carolina Hurricanes thanks to Captain Callahan’s overtime goal.

It’s not certain who the Rangers will face in the first round, but it will be either Pittsburgh, Boston or Washington. It all depends on if the Rangers, Islanders and Senators pick up wins this weekend as the regular season comes to a close. Personally I’d like to see the Rangers play Pittsburgh just so I could see wittle Cindy Crosby cry (that’s if he’s back from IR by then.)

I’m pretty pumped to say the least, and so is The King:


Reflections on Attending a New York Rangers Away Game

nyr us in raleigh


Back in New York I tried to go to a Rangers game each year, towing along Michelle, my sister and bro-in-law. MSG was a great place to watch some good hockey, and I loved going there and seeing the team play in person. Then we moved down south and I haven’t been to a game in a few years. For my birthday Shell got us tickets to see the Rangers play against the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh (less than a three hour car drive), and it was a great game.

It was my first time being at an away game, cheering for someone other than the home team (aside from the time we watched the Hartford Wolfpack take on the Albany River Rats.) Going into the game I was thinking about how it would be to be the guy that all the fans heckle and ridicule. Now, if this was in a rival arena like Phili, I would probably fear for my life walking around in my blue jersey. But this was North Carolina…not only do I not consider the Hurricanes a true rival (though they will be next season), but people in Carolina are a hell of a lot nicer in general than people in the Northeast. Call me a jerk, but I’ve lived both places, and I stand by my statement.

As our day in Raleigh wore on before the game, I began to get an inkling of what to expect at the stadium. While randomly walking about Raleigh I got stopped by a few guys who were also wearing Rangers t-shirts that were going to be at the game that night. I did not run across one Carolina fan. Read more

NHL Realignment Has Been Approved for 2013-2014 Season

NHL-logo1 (Small)


The proposed NHL realignment that I mentioned a few weeks ago has been finalized, meaning that there will be a lot of major changes next season. As was believed, there will be four Divisions with the two in the Eastern Conference having eight teams each and the two in the Western having seven teams each. Here’s an updated map and Division listing:

nhlrealignment (Small)

I’m a huge fan of this realignment plan. For starters, I love having the Rangers now lumped in the same Division as the Hurricanes, as that will make catching Ranger games all the more likely (not only on TV but maybe going to Raleigh to see them visit as well.) It’s also good for them to be in such a confined area, which greatly reduces travel wear on them. This realignment also means a breath of fresh air in the league, as the only reasoning for putting sixteen teams in the Eastern Conference and fourteen in the West is the likelihood of an expansion with two new Western Conference teams. I’m always up for new teams, because new teams mean new fans, and new fans mean more hockey! Read more

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