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My Top Ten Posts of 2012

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It’s 2013, and that means it’s time once again to look at my blog stars for the past year. Things sure have changed since 2011, as I saw a huge increase in viewings and whatnot. As always I turned to Google Analytics for my site’s traffic information. Before getting into my ten most popular posts, let’s look at some general info:

  • My site had 125, 371 unique visitors in 2012 (up from 69,771 in 2011)
  • 103, 693 visitors found my blog through a Google search, while 12, 212 came across my site directly
  • 65,630 were from the United States, 11, 120 were from the UK and 9,630 hailed from Canada.Oh, and a shout out to my one visitor from Angola!
  • The average visitor spent 31 seconds reading the average blog post
  • As far as browsers go, 51,020 used Chrome, 34,445 used FireFox, 16,270 dinosaurs stuck with IE and 24, 918 blinded geeks swarmed to Safari (last year 31,240 visitors used Firefox, 20,858 used Chrome, 11,540 used Internet Explorer and 8,665 used Safari). It’s interesting how much browsers have changed, with Chrome being the primary one and IE falling below Safari
  • Of the 125,371 unique visitors to my blog, 31,180 did so on a mobile device. I was sad to see that the top three devices used were the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. The Sony Xperia came in next, and FINALLY an Android shows up as the fifth most-used device, being the Samsung Galaxy S II

Just note that these stats will only be 99.9% accurate since I’m doing it today, so it won’t take into account the couple of hundred people that will view my blog before the ball drops.

Now on to the blogs!!! Read more

3B Has a Brand-Spankin’ New Look

I was getting tired of the black background my blog has had for years. Not only was it ugly to look at (from a reader’s standpoint) but it also made editing my static pages tough, since I had to choose brighter colors. Now that I have a brighter background I can use standard black text, which is a tad bit easier on the eyes.

I’ve also played around a bit more with Jetpack and I made it easier for you, dear readers, to spread the word of how sweet this site is. There will be “share” buttons on each of my posts that you can click to pop up a link to that blog on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Lastly, as I continue to prepare for the new year with a fresh-looking blog, I value your input. Tell me what you like about the current layout and what you miss from the old one. Feedback is key for me to continue to learn what looks good to the average viewer.

Testing for Social Media

I finally got around to installing Jetpack on my blog. Just making sure the social media connections are all intact.



Wow, this is great. Jetpack made it ridiculously easy to connect everything…sure beats the old plugins I was using. I can’t believe I waited this long before installing Jetpack!

My Top Ten Posts of 2011

With the start of the new year, I will once again take a brief look at my ten most popular blogs of the past year (thanks to the cool tools available through Google Analytics. I’m really curious to see which old blogs are still getting activity, and which new ones were strong enough to make their way into the top ten. Before I get into that, I just want to spout out some statistical info:

  • My site had 69,771 unique visitors over the past year
  • 9,536 of these visitors liked my blog so much that they became repeat visitors
  • 42,852 of these viewers found my blog off of a typical Google search, while 16,831 came across my site via StumbleUpon
  • 42,969 visitors were from the United States, 6,282 were from Canada and 5,536 were rocking from the UK
  • The average visitor spent 31 seconds looking at a particular post before leaving the site
  •  31,240 visitors used Firefox, 20,858 used Chrome, 11,540 used Internet Explorer and 8,665 used Safari (I wonder if next year will be the year that Safari beats IE)
  • Now on to the blogs!!!

    I’m Back (Though I Never Really Left)

    All’s been quiet on the Twitter/Facebook/Google Buzz front as I stopped linking my blog to these formats. I never stopped blogging, but I sure have been getting less traffic coming here. So I guess I’ll publicly explain the story now.

    A few months ago, I received a comment to a Google Buzz, which was picked up from Twitter, which was picked up from my blog. Basically, an ex-employer saw this blog via Google Buzz and then wanted to offer me a job. He somehow found Shell’s phone number and called her in an attempt to find me. He then left me a comment after calling my wife. She was a bit weirded out by this, as was I. First off, if he noticed my blog via Google Buzz, that means he knows my e-mail account, so he could have easily shot me an e-mail to make his offer (which I wouldn’t have taken regardless, since it was a crummy, boring job.) Secondly, since I did work there I would think he would have my phone number more readily available than Shells. Thirdly, who the heck comments on a Google Buzz with a job offer?!

    All in all, the whole situation was a bit creepy, and it felt like I was being stalked. After this incident I made my Facebook account private (something, for whatever reason, I didn’t do with my Twitter account) and I removed the links between my blog and Twitter and Google Buzz. So for the past few months, I’ve been blogging away and whatnot, though most people didn’t know about it. About two months ago one of my co-optimus buddies was wondering where I’ve been, and I told him the gyst of the tale. Then today, he asked after me again, and he also gave me the idea of just making my Twitter account private. When I read that, I couldn’t believe that I had done that with Facebook and not Twitter! So I went to Twitter, made it a private account, and then reactivated the WP to Twitter plugin on my blog. So I’m back in the game! Read more

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