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Loki vs. Odin: Brothers at War

It’s spring time, so I guess that means that love is in the air for animals. Despite the fact that both Loki and Odin are¬†neutered they still found it necessary to display their dominance when a random white cat (I’m assuming female) decided to show up outside the dining room window. The reason I think this is because rather than show hostility towards the invader, these two brothers quickly turned on each other. For about fifteen minutes these two were in the window and on the floor howling and hissing with back hair standing up straight and tails all puffed up. There was nothing I could do to break them apart. Loki had forgotten his fear of the can of spray air and Odin was no longer cowering at a quick squirt from the water bottle. In the end I managed to break them apart by throwing my Rangers blanket over Loki and hauling him into one bathroom, then I did the same to Odin and deposited him in the other bathroom. After about ten minutes I checked in on each one and they seemed to have calmed down. When I released both of them they met up in the living room and gave each other a short bath. Guess they were just making up.

Here’s a video of them going nuts (I had to post it to youtube first because the file was too big for the BigBad Blog to handle):

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Meet Our New Foster: Mimi

With the move only a few weeks away now, Shell wanted to take in one last foster since the shelter was getting into it’s busy season and was running out of room. Shell brought Mimi home yesterday, and she is quite the cute cat. She’s not sick, but recovering from “head tilt” which may be a temporary side effect of her recent surgery. The good thing about her not being sick is we don’t have to worry about changing clothes constantly when we go in to visit her. Even though she isn’t sick we won’t be introducing her to Loki and Odin since she needs rest, not a bunch of stress from meeting new cats.

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Meet the New Fosters: Sasha and Sonya

It’s been awhile since we took in some fosters due to the holidays and other commitments that would have us away for weekends. With my Dad’s birthday behind us, and our trip to Vegas in a few weeks, we had the time to take care of some new sick cats. We picked up a pair of sisters today who have a URI. We’ve only had them a few hours and they are already tugging on our heart strings. Read more

Crackheads at the Adoption Center

So Shell and I worked our first official joint shift together at the adoption center tonight. It was definitely an interesting night, with two parties ready to adopt two cats by the time we got there. After that it was pretty slow…until the crackhead decided to visit.

Shell was cleaning up and I was talking to her, and all of a sudden this guy walks over. Between the dirty clothes, nasty skin, and missing teeth, I was pretty sure he was a crackhead. By the time our encounter with him was over, I am positive that he was a crackhead.

So the guy decides to bang on the glass and shout “HEY!” at us. Shell opens the door and greets him. He says, “can I see the puppies.” This was when I knew for sure he was a crackhead, since all we have are cats there, and you can see them all right through the glass window, so there was no way a sane/normal person would mistake them for dogs.

Shell says, “Ummm…no, they’re cats, and we’re getting ready to close. Were you interested in adopting?”

Mr. Crackhead said, “No my mom adopts the animals. I just wanted to see them.”

Shell says, “Well, since we’re getting ready to close up, you can view the animals online on our website.”

The crackhead then grabs a magazine and says “can I put my name on here?” Shell says, “no, that’s a magazine for the shelter.”

Then he grabs a slip of paper and says, “can I put my name on here?” Again, Shell says “no,” and this time, I think he gets the hint that he’s acting like an idiot.

He looks at Shell and says, “Sorry, I just make up stupid stuff as I go.” He then turned and walked away…

Update on Foster Car Starr

We’ve had Starr for four weeks now…two weeks more than was initially estimated. She still has the sneezing and she continues to throw up on a daily basis. She also recently started to get irritated eyes, where they are red and crusty. We’ve called the vet several times, and they are stumped as to what’s wrong with her, since her tests come back ok.

At first she wasn’t taking her medicine. For starters, she wouldn’t open her mouth to take it, and when we finally were able to force it open, she wouldn’t swallow the medicine. She would let it just sit in her mouth and eventually it would just drool out. The vet said that it wasn’t a big deal, and that she would be fine without the medicine, since she was in a home where it was quiet and stress-free as opposed to the shelter. However, she never improved. So they gave us two more medicines, both of which were oral again, but Starr was somewhat willing to take these. Still, she hasn’t improved as far as her symptoms go, but she is still as frisky and active as ever. You wouldn’t guess she was sick as she is always running and playing in the room when we visit her.¬† Read more

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