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Houses and PS4 and Vitas, Oh My!

Exterior House

Man, it’s been really quiet around here lately. A lot has been going on the past two months. One of my co-workers quit, and management refuses to hire a replacement, so my workload increased while my pay did not. More importantly, Shell and I bought our first house! We’ve been spending almost every weekend since October either packing up the apartment or getting the new house in order. Things are going along smoothly, and my man-cave is slowly progressing:

Game Room

But even more importantly than a new house, I got my PS4!!! Release day was a harrowing one as it ended up that the day we moved into our house was on November 15th, so while unloading the truck and lifting furniture, I kept thinking about greatness awaiting me once that beautiful blue box arrived from Amazon. To ensure that I had at least some time to play on release day I not only took a day off from work, but also had the cable company come by and hook up the internet that very morning to ensure I could get the initial update installed as soon as possible. In the end, after an exhausting day I was still unable to reap my prize, as the PS4 got lost in transit and didn’t arrive until Saturday! On Sunday morning I was finally able to kick back for a few precious hours to check out Resogun, Contrast, Knack and Killzone. It wasn’t exactly a “Perfect Day” ┬ábut the we moved into our first home made it one of the happiest days of my life. Read more

Start Living Better DAMMIT!!!

shell black and white 2012

Shell is a health-nut, and while she hasn’t succeeded in weening me off the ol’ steak and ribs, she has opened my eyes to other stuff. She made me start thinking more about what I eat, and I have been making conscious decisions in what I partake of each day. I’ve opened my mind (and stomach) to foods and veggies I would never have eaten before meeting her and I’ve taken a more active approach to improving my quality of life.

So why am I telling you this? Why, to pimp out her new blog of course! It’s called Simply Pure Living and she’s posting about how to live a healthier, more natural life-style. She tries to avoid the processed foods and evil chemicals as much as possible, and has researched how to replicate these same foods and products at home. Why purchase a bottle of Resolve from a company that dunks little puppies and bunnies into a vat of their product in order to test it when you can make a similar solution at home? Why spent expensive supermarket prices for almond milk when you can soak your own almonds to get that delicious beverage? Plus you’ll get my homemade vegetarian chili recipe!

If you’re interested in checking out simple ways to improve your life, give her blog a glance and bone up on some easy ways to be healthier.

Check it out here!

Reflections on Attending a New York Rangers Away Game

nyr us in raleigh


Back in New York I tried to go to a Rangers game each year, towing along Michelle, my sister and bro-in-law. MSG was a great place to watch some good hockey, and I loved going there and seeing the team play in person. Then we moved down south and I haven’t been to a game in a few years. For my birthday Shell got us tickets to see the Rangers play against the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh (less than a three hour car drive), and it was a great game.

It was my first time being at an away game, cheering for someone other than the home team (aside from the time we watched the Hartford Wolfpack take on the Albany River Rats.) Going into the game I was thinking about how it would be to be the guy that all the fans heckle and ridicule. Now, if this was in a rival arena like Phili, I would probably fear for my life walking around in my blue jersey. But this was North Carolina…not only do I not consider the Hurricanes a true rival (though they will be next season), but people in Carolina are a hell of a lot nicer in general than people in the Northeast. Call me a jerk, but I’ve lived both places, and I stand by my statement.

As our day in Raleigh wore on before the game, I began to get an inkling of what to expect at the stadium. While randomly walking about Raleigh I got stopped by a few guys who were also wearing Rangers t-shirts that were going to be at the game that night. I did not run across one Carolina fan. Read more

March Madness 2013

March-Madness (Small)

The year has begun with a slow start, aside from our trip to New York early this year to celebrate the holidays with the family. Now that spring has sprung and March is here, things are really beginning to pick up. There is a lot going on this month, and I’m going to be nothing but busy most of the time. It’s a good change of pace!

For starters, my sister Cara is coming to visit next weekend from Colorado. This will be her first time visiting us here in the South, and there’s plenty of NC BBQ and beers planned. Plus I’ll subject her to some video gaming while she’s here as well. We’re also planning a visit to Asheville as well as some light hiking in the nearby area. I don’t see her as often as I’d like, so I’m looking forward to this trip. I probably won’t see her again until we visit her in Colorado sometime this summer, but seeing her at least three times this year is better than the ZERO times I saw her in 2012.

nc bbq (Small) Read more

Swag From Santa 2012, Part 2

Blackmasary 2012-2013 036 (Small)

I just got back from visiting my family and friends in Middletown, NY, and that means I collected on some overdue gifties:

  • “Voucher” for plane tickets to visit my sister in Colorado (not shown)
  • Epson Wireless Printer (not shown)
  • The Simpsons Season 15 Bluray
  • The Walking Dead: Compendium Two
  • Pateros Creek Employee T-Shirt (thanks to my bro-in-law, the head brewer)
  • Pateros Creek Beer Glass
  • Six-pack Beer Holder (for buying those single bottles at the store)
  • Wii U Nunchuck Controller
  • Simpsons Calendar
  • Rangers Pajama Pants (not shown)
  • Swiss Army Knife Keychain
  • Puzzle Cube (not pictured)
  • Undertaker and Kane Children’s Book…COMPLETE WITH TEMPORARY TATTOOS!!!
  • Beef Jerky
  • Candy
  • Toiletries (thanks to “Santa Mom”)
  • XBLA Points Card
  • Cashola


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