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For the (Really) Usual Suspects

I posted pics of the wedding and honeymoon on my other site (the family one), so look there to see them. If you forgot the site, let me know and I’ll remind you.

Our Souvenirs from the Honeymoon

Of course we brought back some gifties for ourselves from Florida! When we went down there, our package came with a $500 gift card, so we bought more than we normally would have. Luckily the gift card for for anything, so we used it for alcohol, tips, occasional snacks, activities (like the boat and bike rentals) and other stuff. But I digress…here are the stupid little things we bought down there!


souveniers-002-small souveniers-009-small

We bought a couple of magnets, mostly picture ones. We both loved the one with the cats, and I just have to find a nice picture of Loki and Odin to put in there. The Tinker Bell one Shell bought to bring to work with her, and the baby seal magnet we snagged at Sea World, just so we had a memory of the place.



Knowing that I was going to be snagging a grill when we got back, I was sold on getting a Disney apron. There were quite a few choices, but in the end I went with the whole “Mickey Mouse” thing. You may think it’s lame, but I think it’s flippin’ sweet. Read more

Our Honeymoon: Day Eleven…the Last Day :(

Well, we are actually back in Albany now. I never got around to writing out the last post last night, so here is what we did on our last day in Florida yesterday.

We got up early and headed to the resort restaurant for breakfast. After that we went back, got ready for the day, and packed up. Check out time was at 11:00, so we brought our bags over to the front desk and had them hold it for the day. Our flight was at 7:35pm, and we were scheduled to take the 4:30 bus from Disney to the airport. So after dropping the bags off, we headed to Epcot to enjoy our last day as best we could.

We ate lunch at a German buffet called Biergarten. It was definitely one of the best buffets I’ve ever been to (sorry Pondo). There were all kinds of sausage, chicken snitzel, spetzel, meatballs, more sausage, as well as not so German things like turkey breast and pork roast. It was all pretty tasty, and I loved being able to try everything. I think I can honestly say that I do love German cuisine, but I just can’t get it enough anywhere. After lunch we headed out into the park. We went on this 45-minute Ellen DeGenerses ride, and all I can say is that I had my fill of her for the next ten years. We also went into the Epcot ball and did a ride called Spaceship Earth, which was basically a tour of human civilization. By the time all this was over, we had to catch the bus back to the resort and get ready to hop the plane.

We got to the airport and through security in no time, leaving us almost two hours to wait until our flight. We had dinner at Sbarros, which was horrible. I barely ate any of my baked ziti since it was gross and heavy, but at least they had good breadsticks. After dinner we sat around and waited for the plane. The flight was a pretty good one…we experienced absolutely no delays, had no turbulence the entire time, and got to Albany about ten minutes ahead of schedule. Not too shabby.

So that was the end of our honeymoon. We had a great time, and as we talked about it, we realized there was nowhere else we would have wanted to go. Disney may be seen first and foremost as the place to be for a family vacation, but it really is a romantic honeymoon location as well. The employees there, from the janitors and bus drivers to the ride operators and servers, are all extremely pleasant and always happy. We did not have one bad experience with anyone down there, and that says a lot for all the employees we had to interact with. Our resort was a perfect paradise, and definitely a major player for the best resort to honeymoon at. Thanks to the dining plan and our bonus gift card, we paid very little out of pocket. The gift card covered anything our dining plan didn’t (including all our souvenirs), and the only thing I paid out for was server’s tips. It really was a wonderful time, and we hope to go back again to re-live it all again.

Our Honeymoon: Day Ten

This blog is coming to you live from Epcot, where we are awaiting the nightly fireworks display. Its pretty crowded but we found a nice grassy hill to lie on and wait for the show to start.

So today was a fun day at Sea World. We got there pretty early before it opened, so we were the first ones in. I rushed to this new coaster they have called “Manta” which you ride in while technically lying down. Its similar to the Superman ride at Six Flags. Shell chickened out but got a picture of me as I was going up the first ramp.

There were plenty of shows to see. We saw the big Shamu show, a dolphin show, a cat and dog show, and a sea lion show. There were also other fun things to do. I paid $10 so Shell could get eight fish heads and feed them to some stingrays. I originally bought four, but had to get another four when she wasted them by trying to shove them down the rays gills instead of their mouths (which are on their stomachs). There was also a neat ride kind of like Splash Mountain except you get a lot more wet…including your feet. For some reason the boats take in pools of water so all of a sudden your socks and shoes are sunk and soaking.

There were also plenty of animals to see including manateees, belugas, crocodiles, penguins, a polar bear, and more. The food was a lot cheesier than Disney, but we survived. The worst part was at the end of the day, when our shuttle back to the resort didn’t come and it took them almost an hour to get one there.

After Sea World we stopped at the hotel to change out of our salty wet clothes since they were covered in splashes from sting rays and dolphins. We then hopped the bus to Epcot for dinner at Tokyo Dining, an obviously Japanese restaurant. Shell had a sushi platter with some new things to try like squid and salmon roe. I had a grilled swordfish filet. Both dinners were excellent.

So we are now 15 minutes away from the fireworks display. We are sad that tonight is our last night, as we return tomorrow night to New York. However, I think we are both ready to come home and see our kitties. While it is our last night, I think the fireworks display will be a great way to end it.

I hope to have pics ready by this weekend.

Our Honeymoon: Day Nine

Today was a somewhat relaxing day. We had a slow morning poolside, just hanging out enjoying the sun. At around 1pm we headed for Downtown Disney for lunch and to hang out until dinner.

For lunch we hit a place called Earl of Sandwich, which had gourmet sandwiches, salads, and wraps. After lunch we hit up all the shops that are down there. We picked up some souveniers for ourselves and other goodies (including a giant lollypop for me and a custom-made darl chocolate pretzel for Shell.) There were enough shops that we finished up in time for our dinner reservation.

We had dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe. For dinner Shell had a really tastetacular macadamia-crusted chicken breast, and I went for beef goulash. I was jealous of Shells dinner…hers was much lighter and tastier than mine. For dessert we shared a slice of carrot cake and a personal key lime pie.

The bus ride back to the hotel was annoying because the driver was being trained. He had two trainers with him, and these three clowns took forever to get the bus to the hotel. A 15-minute trip turned into 45-minutes by the end. After we got back we headed to the beach area and just plopped our butts down and relaxed for over an hour.

Tomorrow will be busy, since we need to get up early to snag a bus to Sea World, and then dinner and fireworks at Epcot at night.

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