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Dealing with the “Geniuses” at the Apple Store…

apple genius-bar

I don’t go for the iPhone or iPad, but the iPod has always been a desirable gadget to me. The ability to have all my music presented and organized in an appealing package is indeed something I fell for, and I’ve probably had two or three iPods over my time. The last one I got was an 8GB 4th gen iPod back in 2010 as a birthday present from my parents.

ipod 4th gen 8gb

It’s served me well up until a couple of months ago when it kept losing power quickly after being fully charged…and I wasn’t even using it! I poked around online and it seemed that after a couple of years the battery starts to go on these things. With some big trips coming up the idea of being without music was frightening enough to get me to stroll into the Apple Store down at the mall. I don’t like going to the Apple Store, and my most recent visit didn’t do much to alter my views at all. Read more

My Top Ten Posts of 2012

top 10


It’s 2013, and that means it’s time once again to look at my blog stars for the past year. Things sure have changed since 2011, as I saw a huge increase in viewings and whatnot. As always I turned to Google Analytics for my site’s traffic information. Before getting into my ten most popular posts, let’s look at some general info:

  • My site had 125, 371 unique visitors in 2012 (up from 69,771 in 2011)
  • 103, 693 visitors found my blog through a Google search, while 12, 212 came across my site directly
  • 65,630 were from the United States, 11, 120 were from the UK and 9,630 hailed from Canada.Oh, and a shout out to my one visitor from Angola!
  • The average visitor spent 31 seconds reading the average blog post
  • As far as browsers go, 51,020 used Chrome, 34,445 used FireFox, 16,270 dinosaurs stuck with IE and 24, 918 blinded geeks swarmed to Safari (last year 31,240 visitors used Firefox, 20,858 used Chrome, 11,540 used Internet Explorer and 8,665 used Safari). It’s interesting how much browsers have changed, with Chrome being the primary one and IE falling below Safari
  • Of the 125,371 unique visitors to my blog, 31,180 did so on a mobile device. I was sad to see that the top three devices used were the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. The Sony Xperia came in next, and FINALLY an Android shows up as the fifth most-used device, being the Samsung Galaxy S II

Just note that these stats will only be 99.9% accurate since I’m doing it today, so it won’t take into account the couple of hundred people that will view my blog before the ball drops.

Now on to the blogs!!! Read more

Swag From Santa 2012, Part 1

christmas swag 2012 001 (Small) (2)

Christmas morning has come and gone, and the wrapped packages have been torn asunder. Here’s what was waiting for me under the tree:

  • Foscam Wireless IP Camera
  • Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Bluray
  • WWE: Undertaker- The Streak Bluray
  • Meatloaf: Hang Cool Teddy Bear CD
  • The Walking Dead: Compendium One
  • Bigfoot Casebook: Sightings and Encounters from 1818 to 2004
  • Jelly Belly Machine
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Cable Monkey
  • New York Rangers Keychain
  • Android Vinyl Figure
  • Super Mario Hat
  • Assorted Chocolates
  • More Jelly Bellys
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • Best Buy Gift Card
  • Cold Hard Cash


My Top Ten Posts of 2011

With the start of the new year, I will once again take a brief look at my ten most popular blogs of the past year (thanks to the cool tools available through Google Analytics. I’m really curious to see which old blogs are still getting activity, and which new ones were strong enough to make their way into the top ten. Before I get into that, I just want to spout out some statistical info:

  • My site had 69,771 unique visitors over the past year
  • 9,536 of these visitors liked my blog so much that they became repeat visitors
  • 42,852 of these viewers found my blog off of a typical Google search, while 16,831 came across my site via StumbleUpon
  • 42,969 visitors were from the United States, 6,282 were from Canada and 5,536 were rocking from the UK
  • The average visitor spent 31 seconds looking at a particular post before leaving the site
  •  31,240 visitors used Firefox, 20,858 used Chrome, 11,540 used Internet Explorer and 8,665 used Safari (I wonder if next year will be the year that Safari beats IE)
  • Now on to the blogs!!!

    My Christmas Swag 2011

    Just wanted to share some of my Christmas swag:



    • Futurama Volume 6 Bluray
    • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
    • Simpsons Season 14 DVD Read more
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