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Geocache Adventure #16: A Whole Latta Caches

It was a cool 40F morning and I figured I would take advantage of the cooler weather to get some geocaching in. I decided to head back to Latta Plantation Nature Preserve since I had only found two of the twenty-one caches hidden there so far. By the time I left I had increased my count from two to eight, so now I’ve found a little more than 1/3 of the caches there!

For all the times I’ve gone hiking at the park I’ve stuck to the same general area. Today I decided to explore the other half of the park for the first time and knock of caches from that section off my list. After getting some basic directions from one of the rangers as to how to access the other main trail, I began my walk in this new, undiscovered territory. I wasn’t all that big a fan as this trail was a lot more open, less shady, and a heck of a lot muddier than the other trails that I’m used to. Partway down the trail my Bionic took me to the first cache. I almost felt like I was cheating as, now that it was more open and no trees blocking it, my GPS was right on track and I found the cache almost immediately:

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Geocache Adventure #15: Latta Plantation Nature Preserve

Wow, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been geocaching! My last adventure was in June of last year when I went caching with Steve up near my old apartment in New York. Since that time my Motorola Droid was having difficulty with navigation, so I had been unable to cache since then. I did just upgrade to a Droid Bionic last week, so I was ready to get back in the caching saddle. I decided to try out my new phone’s navigation capabilities at the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve, where I have been hiking one-two times a week over the past month or two. The nice thing about the park is that the rangers working there actually place the caches themselves, so there are currently twenty-one caches hidden along the over fourteen total miles of trail. For my first time out I ended up going two for four…not the best but not that bad in the end.

I walked out to the main hiking trail (Hill Trail), loaded up the c:geo app, and saw that the nearest cache was pretty close, a bit off the trail. I made my way over there and entered the woods when I came parallel to the cache on the GPS. It didn’t take long for me to notice something out of the ordinary under a fallen tree:

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I Need of a New Phone for Geocaching

I haven’t went geocaching in quite some time. Not because I want to, but because I currently lack the tools necessary. To be more specific, I no longer have a reliable GPS device to track down caches. Whether I’m in the woods or out in the open, my old-school Motorola Droid fails to direct me to where the cache is located. The c:geo app seems to work fine as I can pull up the nearby caches with no worries, but I can never successfully navigate to said cache. There have been too many times where I’ve spent over a half hour scouring an area in an attempt to find a cache, but without a better smartphone  it makes things very difficult.

I’ve been hiking at a local nature preserve that has over fourteen miles of trails. The rangers working there have hidden seventeen caches along the different trails. The first time I went I didn’t even think of geocaching, knowing how lame my phone was. But for some reason, I decided to give it a shot today. Sure enough, once I stepped into the woods near where the cache is, the Droid wonks out and I had no way of knowing where to turn or look. I spent at least a half hour checking the woods on either side of the trail but came back empty handed. There is no way I’m going geocaching again until I get a new phone…

Which will be coming up at the end of the month! I’m due for an upgrade from Verizon on the 28th of February, so I’ll definitely be heading into the store that morning and walking out with an upgraded phone…preferably one with a slightly better GPS service. I’ll definitely be blogging it up when I pick out my new phone, and also once I have a successful geocaching adventure again.

Geocache Adventure #14: Return to Ranger Land (Now with 50% Less Hobos)

There’s a little spot behind the Hannafords up here that is the home to a bunch of geocaches, and the area is known as “Ranger Land.” I had visited this area last September in an attempt to snag a bunch of the caches, but was only able to find one. With Steve up here for “Guys Weekend In”, I decided to take advantage of the extra set of eyes (and the extra Droid) and return to Ranger Land to find those elusive caches.

After lunch on Saturday, Steve and I jumped in the car and made the three-minute drive to Hannafords. After parking in the lot, we climbed over the guardrail and entered Ranger Land. Luckily it wasn’t too hot, and was maybe in the 70s. This was a good thing because it made wearing pants (a must when hiking through dense woods in my opinion) bearable. While it was a tad too warm for pants, what was unbearable was the bugs. I’ve noticed four different mosquito bites so far, and I don’t know if another will surface soon. I was prepared with some bug spray that I keep in my cache pack, but of course I didn’t remember it until an hour of being feasted on my blood-sucking insects.

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My Top Ten Posts of 2010

Last January, I checked out my top ten most viewed blog posts ranging from when the site started in April 2009 until January 2010. Today I was using Google Analytics to see how my site traffic has been the past week, and I decided to see how it was for all of 2010. While some of my posts continue to be popular, it seems that some new ones from the past year have swooped in and usurped some of my posts from 2009. So without further ado, here are my Top Ten Blogs of 2010 (in order of visits received):

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