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My Top Ten Posts of 2013

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With it being New Years Eve, I like to take the time to reflect on how my blog progressed over the year. Despite having Jetpack installed and running via WordPress, I still go through Google Analytics when pulling up this info, as it’s much more accurate. I will admit that I didn’t have high expectations this year as I had a lot of other stuff going on that distracted me from posting regularly, but I still wanted to take a look at some stats.

  • My site had 83,749 unique visitors in 2013 (41,622 less than the 125,371 visits I had in 2012)
  • 44,579 visitors were from the good ol’ U.S. of A, 5,767 came from across the pond in jolly old England, 5,408 visitors were our neighbors to the north, the came the French at 4,836 and the Germans at 3,493.
  • The average user spent 32 seconds on each page view…not exactly great stuff. Though it’s an improvement over last year’s average view time of 31 seconds!
  • Chrome continues to be the main browser of choice, with 31,355 people viewing my blog through it. Second are the sad iPeople, as 18,562 views came via Safari. 15,961 weirdos are still using Firefox and 9,608 dinosaurs used Internet Explorer (I’m looking at you, mom & dad)
  • Google Analytics now tracks devices as well, so I could see that 60,665 people used their PCs, 26,305 used their phones and 6,189 used their tablets when viewing my site. I will say that my blog is very smartphone/tablet friendly for your viewing purposes when on the go.
    • To go even further, Google Analytics even tracks each device. The top mobile device used to view my site was the iPhone, followed by the iPad, the iPod, and then the Samsung Galaxy S III. Not only am I surprised by this seeing how low in the totem pole Safari is, but I’m especially shocked to find that more people access my blog through their iPods than and Samsung phone. That doesn’t sound right to me at all.

Now that the nitty-gritty is over, here are the Top Ten most popular posts of the year. To make this more of a New Year’s thing, let’s do it count-down style instead: Read more

The Low-Down on Munchkin

munchkin box art

I’ve mentioned Munchkin a few times here on the blog. I was first introduced to it at PAX East 2013 when I played Munchkin Zombies and really enjoyed it. I then purchased the initial game and have played a number of times with Shell. But I haven’t gone into detail on what it is, and I realized this when I was talking to my mom the other night and she wanted to know why Shell and I were constantly eating Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. So I’ve decided to write up a recap to differentiate between the card game and the deliciously sweet snack.

Munchkin is a humorous non-collectible card game, in that all the cards you need to play come in the box. This in itself is a welcome change, especially for a guy like me who used to play tons of CCGs (customizable card games) back in high school. Munchkin is a ridiculously popular card game that has probably over twenty expansions and add-ons, ranging from the standard version to unique ones that incorporate zombies or science fiction. The expansions are not mandatory and are unnecessary unless you’ve played through the initial game many times and want to try something new.

Munchkin Expansions Munchkin Zombies Munchkins Space

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Iron Munchkins Reading Free Comics 3


stawars4may This weekend was a pretty nerdy one for me. It started off Saturday morning with a barrage of “May the Fourth Be With You” messages from various people, indicating that it was Star Wars Day. I didn’t do anything Star Wars-y to celebrate, but I got my geek on in a different way…by participating in Free Comic Book Day.

Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne (the perfect name for a comic shop) was my shop of choice, and Shell and I rolled on in at open to snag some free comics. They were all laid out on a giant table and it was a free for all, so you could take whatever you wanted with no restrictions. I’m sure a couple of greedy thugs took multiple copies of the same title, but I was reserved and only took ones I was genuinely interested in. I was really looking forward to The Walking Dead one, since I’ve been really hooked on the comics lately. I was also happy to see Bongo, which was chock-full of short Simpsons comics. Some other titles that peeked my interest were Ninja Turtles, Sonic the Hedgehog/ Mega Man, Grimm, Judge Dredd, Super Man, and some others.

Free Comic Book Day 2013 Read more

Board Game Review: Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert Box

I was really pleased to see an increase in board game love while attending PAX East this year. The last time we went there was only a small handful of booths, but this time around there were tons of games being demoed by the developers. Steve and I spent our first day checking out the board games, and one of the games that caught our attention right away was Forbidden Desert. If the titles sounds familiar, chances are you’ve played Forbidden Island, the previous game from Gamewright. Last time Steve came to visit he brought Forbidden Island and the four of us joined forces to escape the sinking island. Forbidden Desert is more than just a reskin, and while the co-op roles of the previous gamer remain intact, there are other changes made that have improved upon the product. Steve and I were excited to sit down at the Gamewright booth to play a quick game.

The basic premise of the game is that you and your team of adventures are searching ancient desert ruins for a antique flying machine when your helicopter goes down, stranding you in the desert. The only way to escape the harsh environment is to dig up the various pieces of the flying machine, bring the parts to the base ship at the ancient launch pad, and then fly off into the sunset after repairing the machine. Unfortunately the parts are all buried under the sand, so you and your team will have to venture around the game board (made up of twenty four tiles that are randomly placed with each new game) and to dig up what’s underground. Once you manage to reveal the two clues to the location of a machine part, the piece can be placed on the board where it can be picked up. There are also gear cards located under the sand, such as the jet pack that allows you to move to any space on the board.

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How I Spent My PAX East 2013


PAX East 2013 024

I have returned from PAX. I actually got back to Charlotte on Sunday, but I haven’t had time to blog about it yet. I’m sure there may be one or two of you out there who were actually waiting for me to talk about how PAX East was, and I’m sorry for the delay. Between a rough airport experience on Sunday, working early, and the fact that I am laptopless (it got busted up somehow and is currently being repaired), I just haven’t gotten around to writing. But today is Wednesday, and lucky for you the mailman hasn’t arrived yet with my copy of BioShock: Infinite from Gamefly! So while I wait for the delivery I’ll take the time to talk about PAX.

Let me start by saying this: I haven’t been back to PAX East since I went to the very first one in 2010. I haven’t seen the event gradually grow over the years, but rather seen the huge slew of differences between 2010 and 2013. Some changes were for the best, while the same can’t be said for others. The biggest difference is the location. PAX East 2010 was located at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston, and it was a great location. It was right in the middle of the city and there were plenty of restaurants and other stuff right outside. Heck, our hotel was only a ten minute walk away! But the Hynes Center is soooooo 2010. Since then, it’s been held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

PAX East 2013 003 Read more

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