Improving the Garage


When we first moved into the new house in October, the detached garage was a low priority for me. We weren’t planning on using it for cars since it was inconvenient compared to parking in front, and I didn’t have any “manly” stuff to put in there, so it was just a place to toss boxes and other junk that had no place anywhere else yet. That all changed when my parents and father-in-law came down last month and help me change the garage into a second mancave.

Let’s start with the “before” pictures:





Pretty nasty huh? Just a bunch of junk tossed about all willy-nilly, and there was even some stuff that was left behind by the previous owners that I was too lazy to get rid of. Then our parents came, which gave me the inspiration to start getting organized. I tossed a lot of the junk we didn’t want and tried to organize what little I could. When my parents arrived they brought us all kinds of goodies…tools, equipment, some of my old personal belongings, extra Christmas decorations and other stuff that would help give the garage some actual use. Here’s the result:


I organized the spacious two-car garage into a couple of different areas that now offered functional use. First up is the handyman/tool section:


My dad brought up his old workbench, tool cabinet and a bunch of tools that I never got around to purchasing for my own. Previously my tool collection fit in that little tool box under the work bench in the above pic, but now they are either organized in the tool cabinet or hanging on the wall. It feels good to have space to do this kind of stuff now.

Next up is my sports and recreation area:

20140422_193425 20140511_115651

First off I have my street hockey gear set up for practicing my shots in the garage. And yes, that is Boba Fett who I recruited as my goaltender. I also set up a basketball net and dart board, both which worked out well. The wooden plank under the dart board is my shuriken target that I just put up the other day. Which leads me to…


My martial arts weapons! Most readers of this don’t know that I hold a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and when I trained I was drawn to the weapons. My preferred weapon has always been the bo staff, which I think came about because growing up Donatello was my favorite Ninja Turtle. I also have a wooden training sword and a pair of arnis canes. I stopped practicing with the weapons years ago since it was kind of hard to spin a staff around in an apartment, and I didn’t want to be that crazy guy who walks around outside wielding weapons. Thankfully I now have a spacious garage that gives me ample space to get back into the swing of things.


Across from the weapons and recreation is a small exercise area. I’m slowly getting into the habit of actually using it.


Last up is my big boy toy, my new lawn mower. We were on the fence with hiring someone to maintain the lawn or doing it ourselves, and in the end I decided it made a lot more financial sense to just do it myself after investing in our own mower. I picked up a Ryobi 40volt mower and weed whacker, and both have performed wonderfully. The battery holds a charge for the entire yard and I like that I don’t have to worry about gasoline or a cord. You can also see our bikes chilling in the background.

So that’s the garage transformation. What was once a desolate storage unit has been turned into a functional work and play area. The past few months I spent in my indoor mancave at the computer but I’ve been finding myself outside more often now that I have all these tools and big boy toys to keep me busy. That’s not the end of the garage plans though. Eventually I would like to put some flooring up in the exposed rafter beams to make more storage.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any sweet garage suggestions hit me up.


  1. awesome sis says:

    It needs a mini fridge!

  2. Michelle B. says:

    I love how proud you are of it :)

  3. decoylad says:

    A boss of mine at work had a Urinal and a water fountain in his, granted his shop is so he can work on his cars but food for thought if it’s a trek. Could also get a cheap full size refrigerator and do some home brew on beer as well

  4. Mom b says:

    Looking good. Dad will be proud.

  5. Dad says:

    Looking good. More tools are comming.

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