Tracked Down my First LEGO Simpsons Minifigs


Gotta catch 'em all

Gotta catch ‘em all

In celebration of The Simpsons 550th episode, they teamed up with LEGO to produce an episode centered around the popular building block toy. It was a solid episode, and definitely worthy of a 550th milestone, but what was even better were the products that came out as a result of the episode. LEGO released a set of minifigs in blind boxes, and they recently went on sale to promote both franchises. Amazon has them available for $6 a pop, but I wanted to be able to find these blind boxes in brick and mortar stores so that I could try and figure out what I was getting. I wandered into my local Target and finally found them as an endcap attached to the Nerf aisle…that’s right, they were not in the LEGO section but hanging out with foam weaponry.

I tried feeling the bags to determine what heads were inside, and also tried deciphering the bump codes to tell which characters were housed inside. I was hoping to get Maggie, Burns and Ralph for myself, and a Lisa for Shell. After spending fifteen minutes in the aisle groping and studying the bags, I grabbed four that I thought were what I was looking for. I rushed home to check out my score.

Lego Simpsons Minifigs

What could be inside???

I carefully got my scissors out and opened the first bag:


They’re no longer mint condition! Oh the horror!

I dumped out the contents of the first bag onto the futon:


My eye was immediately drawn to Bobo

It’s little Maggie Simpson, complete with Bobo. I was pleased to get her since she was one I wanted, mainly for Bobo. Oh, I had such big plans for her vs. Mr. Burns for control of the precious teddy bear.


Isn’t she precious

I went on to the next box, full of swagger for guessing one of them correctly already:



I was pleasantly surprised to find Papa Homer lying before me. While not one I initially wanted, I wasn’t about to complain about getting the Simpson’s patriarch. Complete with TV remote and pink frosted donut, Homer will have a place of honor on my shelf. Though since I had Homer without expecting it, I wondered if I had made any other errors.


The donut is a bit too big for his hand…would have preferred a cold Duff

I cut open the next bag, not sure if I should be expecting someone I was hoping for or an awful surprise:



The mysterious El Barto

Another happy surprise, as Bartholomew J. Simpson is not a character to scoff at. Bart has a sweet skateboard, and his character has a slingshot painted into his back pants pocket. While I would have preferred him to have an actual slingshot prop, I won’t complain.


Aside from the skateboard, he didn’t come with any props

Now that I was one for three, I didn’t like my odds with what the last bag contained:




And I struck out with a Scratchy figure. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a Scratchy hater. It’s just that there are a lot of other characters I’d rather have than him. He is pretty cool though, with a rubber head to get the hair and ears right, and an extra piece that slides between the torso and legs to give him a tail. He also comes accessorized with an axe, as any psycho-cat should. Now that I have Scratchy, I have this compulsion to hunt for Itchy now too.


Now I have to find his soul mate


All the minifigs came with a little pamphlet that contained a checklist of all the characters, as well as instructions on how to construct them, as if that was needed. It’s nice to get a good look at all the figures and their props though.



So THAT’s where the head goes…


Imagine if this was only series one???

So my hunt continues. My biggest fear with these blind box figures is getting doubles of the same character, which is just pointless. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out a way to successfully track down a Burns, Ralph and Lisa, but after unboxing my haul I now want to add Marge, Krusty and Itchy to my wish list. Hopefully the blind box gods smile upon me going forward.



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  1. awesome sis says:

    So that’s $24 you could have spent on your sister’s b-day gift instead!!! Worst. Bro. Ever.

    I really like the Maggie one!

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