My Man Cave: A Work in Progress

Main Room

I won’t deny how much I was looking forward to having a little room to call my own when we moved into the new house. I didn’t want to be hogging up the TV in the living room while playing, and wanted a place to display some of my collectibles and other stuff that wasn’t allowed anywhere else. It’s been a slow process, but I’m, really happy with how things are coming together. I wanted to take some time to show you how it’s coming along. Let’s start with my desk area:

20131228_113403That’s where the magic happens on my laptop. My chair has a silly Simpson’s throw blanket over it because our cats like to claw the chair, but won’t bother the blanket. The desk also doubles as a place to keep my PS4 until I get some shelving set up. The TV was my Black Friday deal- an oCosmo 32″ LED. I never heard of oCosmo before, but the TV has been perfect so far so no complaints here. Oh, and that awesome cloth map of Middle-earth on the wall? It came with my Collector’s Edition of the Lord of the Rings: War in the North video game. It’s pretty freaking sweet.


On this wall you have the closet of doom. Within are tons of boxes containing awesome stuff like my swords and board games, as well as some unawesome stuff like items that will one day become garage sale fodder. On the wall is one of my proudest pieces of memorabilia…autographs from the Gin Blossoms. I purchased the big Gin Blossoms sign from Media Play when it went out of business (I think it used to be on display in the music section) and I had it signed by the band when they played The Chance in Poughkeepsie in March of 2003.


Below that is a set list that was autographed by the band when I saw them at Mulcahy’s on Long Island in 2005. What’s cool is the lead singer, Robin Wilson, saw me rocking out at the front of the crowd (the ONLY band I would ever do that for) and personally reached down to hand me the signed set list.


Yet another reason why I love the Gin Blossoms…they are really great guys who love their fans.

Robin & Me

Moving on to the next wall:



This futon is comfy as hell. My parents bought it for me when I went away to college as a bed and it is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on. In fact, there’s been times where I’ve been a complete jerk to Shell so that she would make me spend the night on it! It has now become my video gaming couch and I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately it must have gotten damaged in the move because it does not stay straight up anymore…it’s on the list of things to fix.

Next to the couch is an end table, which is where all my clutter has ended up:



I’ve got my Middle-earth pewter figurines there along with a bunch of other nerdy stuff. I bought some awesome video game controller hooks off Amazon and use that to hang up my PS4 controller. It’s a lot more convenient to have it hanging and charging on the wall than in front of the console. I admit this table looks horrible and jumbled. My intention is to eventually get some shelving put up around the room to better organize all my cool stuff.

Here’s that entire wall:



So that’s the man cave in progress. There is a lot of organizational work to be done still because I like all my stupid nerd toys but want a better way of displaying them. I also hate having my PS4 on my desk taking up valuable real estate, so a shelf for that is most probably the next thing on the list. I’m also throwing around the idea of putting up some of my swords, or at the very least my $100 Darth Vader lightsaber.

If you have any advice or suggestions on what I should do, or want to share your own man cave pics, leave a comment.


  1. awesome sis says:

    You def need a mini fridge for snacks and beers!

  2. BigBadBob says:

    Now there’s an idea!

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