How to Beat the Streak in WWE 2K14

wwe 2k14 streak mode


With it’s focus on almost thirty years of WrestleMania, WWE 2K14 decided to add in a new mode call “The Streak”, which focuses on the Undertaker’s dominance on the grandest stage of them all. There are two choices in this mode, where you can either play as the Undertaker to defend the streak (which is really nothing more than a Slobberknocker match, which is nothing new to the franchise) or you can attempt to end the streak. Ending the streak proves to be quite a challenge, as the Undertaker you face will be stronger, aggressive, more resilient and will be able to counter your moves more often than usual. It’s kinda like a big boss battle, and it can be very frustrating. It took me over five attempts to beat him, and when I did it really felt like a huge accomplishment. Here’s some pointers for taking on the Dead Man:

  • Choose your character wisely. I would not recommend going in with a high flyer like Rey Mysterio or your CAW of Rob Schneider. You need someone who will be able to take a lot of punishment, because you will be getting damaged by the Undertaker’s counters quite often. I tried it with Kane, Big Show and Triple H, but in the end the guy who got the job done was good ol’ Mick Foley. He can take a lot of damage and keep going, and his submission finisher (Mandible¬†Claw) is a good way to get a victory. What better character to go with than who many consider to be capable of actually ending the Undertaker’s streak.

wwe 2k14 mick foley

  • Plan your attacks wisely.Don’t run into the match expecting to grapple and strike him until his body HUD goes all red, because that’s not going to work. The Undertaker will counter many of your grapple moves, and unlike previous WWE games, there is no longer a long series of counters…if a move is countered there is no opportunity to counter that counter.
  • Take it to the outside. This is a very cheap way to go, but sometimes you have to go to the extreme when facing the Lord of Darkness. The match by default is an Extreme Rules match, so there are no DQs and no ring count outs. Also, the Undertaker can’t pin or submit you when you’re outside the ring, so it’s the safest place to be. Just escape the ring as soon as the bell rings, run around to give yourself some distance from the Undertaker, and then reach under the ring for a weapon. I found that he counters weapon attacks less often, and even if he does manage to grab the weapon from you, I was almost always able to grab it back and try again before he could yield it. So grab a chair or sledge hammer and start going to town on the Undertaker.

wwe 2k14 hardcore

  • Taunt as often as possible. The Undertaker does have a resiliency towards grapple moves, but he still takes prominent damage from signature and finisher moves. Taunting is a quick (and safe) way to raise your momentum to get that sig and finisher charged up. One word of warning though…in Defeat the Streak mode you will not be able to store a finisher, and if unused it vanishes soon after it is earned. Feel free to land a signature and finisher on the outside of the ring to wear Undertaker down, but when you’re ready to attempt to finish him off I recommend first running into the ring before hitting the signature. Instead, wait until he enters the ring after you, as in that brief time you will have a good chance of landing the signature to knock him down, and then be in a good position to hit a finisher and get a pin or submission.
  • Be prepared to use two finishers in the ring. Undertaker has the resiliency trait, which means that he will pretty much be able to get out of a pin or submission attempt when he has no other chance. After he escapes his near-defeat just run out of the ring and work on him some more until you have another signature stored, then rinse and repeat.
  • Speaking of finishers, if Undertaker has a finisher stored and you attempt to either perform a ground move or pick him up off the ground, he will immediately counter with the Hell’s Gate, which is a nasty submission move. Be prepared to mash those buttons to escape it, and when you do your character will counter it by changing it into a powerbomb.

wwe 2k14 hells gateSo in short, keep to the outside of the ring, use weapons, and be prepared to counter his moves. If you do manage to defeat him, you will be taken to a screen that details your score on the match, which is based on what you did to end the Undertaker’s streak. You can then upload the results to an online leaderboard so that everyone will know how badass you are.

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