Cards Against Humanity…the “Naughty” Apples to Apples

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We’re big fans of the game Apples to Apples. How can you not be? It’s so easy to play that anyone can learn the rules in under a minute and it’s filled with tons of laughs. For those not in the know, Apples to Apples is a card game where a card with an adjective is turned over and players have to select a noun card from their hand that they feel best describes that adjective. Each turn players take turns being the judge, and the active judge selects which noun they believe fits that adjective the best. For example, if the adjective card is “scary” possible nouns could be “Abraham Lincoln”, “Neo-nazis”, or “apples.” You can see how it has potential for a lot of fun, and it makes for an excellent party game.

Then there’s Cards Against Humanity. It has the same basic rules as Apples to Apples but with a “dirty” twist. Rather than adjectives, the card revealed each turn is more like a fill in the blank phrase or a simple question. For example, it could be “Coming to Broadway this season, ________: the Musical”, “In a world ravaged by _____, our only solace is _______”, “What will always get you laid?”, and “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?” The answer cards are even more out there, and many (not all) are extremely dirty, filthy, naughty, perverted or any other messed up word you can think of. Some shining examples of the answer cards are “Pedophiles”, White people”, “Being a dick to children”, “Abortions” and “Oprah crying tears of self-loathing into a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner.”


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Cards Against Humanity is a lot of fun, when played with the right people. It’s best as a game you would play with friends over drinks. I played with Shell, my sister, my brother-in-law and…my mother. She was a good sport and was able to read off MOST of the cards, though we did catch her slipping the extremely dirty ones back into the pile on a quest for “cleaner” ones. Thus we were shocked when some of the really over the top answers ended up being hers, and in the end she actually won the game.

The only problem with Cards Against Humanity is that it’s near-impossible to purchase. If you go to their website they will let you know when the game is available for purchase on Amazon, at a MSRP of $25. Totally worth it, if it’s possible to find it. I’ve been looking on and off for about a year now and have never seen it available on there. My brother-in-law provided the cards for last night’s game by printing them out, something that their official website encourages you to do. I’m a materialistic jerk so I would prefer to spend the cash to purchase an official set as opposed to printing them out for a lesser quality at home for free. If you do manage to snag the main set Amazon always has the two expansions in stock, which add even more cards to your set.

Cards Against Humanity is probably one of the better card games I’ve played. The ridiculous question and answer cards are so out there that you will get more laughs out of it than Apples to Apples. Just be careful who you play it with, as some people may not be able to take the game’s sense of humor. My dad just had to hear the word “micropenis” before he left the room, shaking his head.



  1. awesome sis says:

    Nick said that mom was faking being shocked, and that was how she won- she duped us!!! The best/worst part was when I told her what queefing meant…

  2. BigBadBob says:

    Yup, that’s a word that I thought would never be uttered under our parents roof.

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