Getting Rewarded for Participating in PlayStation Rewards Beta

Several months ago, PlayStation sent out some random invites to users to participate in the beta for a program they were trying out called “PlayStation Rewards.” Basically the program would track a user’s forum and blog use, as well as their activity in PlayStation Home, and reward them points for each participating. There were several tiers you could get into, and they netted you unique avatars and the chance to enter into special contests.

For whatever reason, Sony decided that through the beta, PlayStation Rewards was not ready for the general public yet. The beta was canceled and they sent me an e-mail thanking me for participating. Then about a month ago I received an e-mail from Sony saying that to thank me for participating in the Rewards beta I would be receiving a t-shirt in the mail soon.

So today when I went to the mailbox and saw a package from PlayStation inside, I figured it was the shirt, and I was right. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the shirt is pretty lame. It’s a solid black shirt (they shipped size XL and never asked me what size I would like, so I assume everyone received XL) with white and blue lettering in the front, which I’m assuming is Japanese for either “PlayStation”, “Sony”, or “PlayStation Rewards”…something along those lines. The right sleeve has a white PS logo on it.

They also sent a postcard inside further thanking me for my participation:

So for commenting on a few blogs and entering a contest or two (I never went on the forums or into Home) I got a free t-shirt. Now if they REALLY wanted to thank me for participating they could start busting their butts harder to bring PSN back online.


A special thanks to Joystiq for picking up this blog and using it as a source for one of their articles, including using the above pic!


  1. Goat says:

    Lame? Well, if it’s that lame, you can always send it to me. I’ll sport that sucker for you ;)

  2. awesome sis says:

    You’re famous! Is fame the same if it’s amongst nerds?

    “I thought you said Xena couldn’t fly”

    “I keep telling you, I’m Lucy Lawless”

  3. d rok says:

    Or they could have givin you nothing. they let you participate in the beta, then gave you a shirt. Guess your just pissy cause all you do is play games huh? No need for a shirt when you dont go outside ever. or maybe that xl too small for ya? I’d like a medium myself but hey. I’m still rockin mine. Thanks sony!

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