The Unfortunate Series Finale of My Name is Earl


Over the past few months, Shell and I have been watching through the four seasons of My Name is Earl from Netflix. We both enjoyed it immensely. It was a simple show, not flashy, and hilarious as heck. For those not familiar with the show, Jason Lee stars as Earl. Earl was a petty thief and overall low-life, until one day he wins the lotto and gets hit by a car. As he recovers, he begins to believe in karma, in that if you do good things, good things will come to you. On that note, he turns over a new leaf, and makes a list of all the bad things he has done in his life. Each episode generally focuses on Earl selecting one of the list items, meeting up with the people he wronged, and finding a way to make it up to them.

There are four seasons of My Name is Earl. Unfortunately, the cast and crew did not know this, and expected to continue making seasons. At the end of season four, NBC (who was airing the show) dropped them. The show attempted to get picked up somewhere else, but that never happened. Thus, the series finale ends with a huge cliff hanger that will never be answered.

I was extremely disappointed when I realized this. The show really was great, and its a cryin’ shame that they didnt get a chance to end it with some form of closure. I hate when shows do this. Two in particular were Carnival and  Jericho. Granted, Jericho got a second season after fans of the show petitioned the studio by flooding it with packages of peanuts (a reference from the show), but both Carnival and Jericho were in their first season, so its understandable. My Name is Earl was a solid comedy with a great starring and supporting cast, and they were in the midst of the series. It really sucks that NBC decided to pull the plug on the show without giving them a definite final season and the dignity of a proper series finale.

It just ended last year, so there is always the off-chance that the show could be resurrected on another network, and if it did, that would be great. The series definitely deserved a final season to bring everything together. I would have liked to have seen how Earl would have acted once he finished up his list.

At least in my heart, the mustache will always live on!



  1. happycat says:

    I totally agree with you on all three series, Earl, Carnival and Jericho, each deserved at least one more season for some closure!

  2. sadguy123 says:

    it trully is a crying shame it has ended, especially since i had only just started to get into it!

  3. John Keeper says:

    I agree with you. How can they do this to us. The show is amazing and it’s on of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. The only other show I watched that I think ended way too soon was on Fox and it was the show Titus. But back to what I was saying, how can they just cancel My Name Is Earl after they’ve built up all the anticipation. In the end of Season 4 the final episode “Dodge’s Dad” we find out that Earl really IS Dodge’s dad AND that Darnell ISN’T Earl Jr’s dad. How can they do this to us? Please Please Please Please make a Season 5 and give us so dang closure.

  4. candy says:

    watched it on netflix. would have loved to see earl finsh his list , i think the net work was wrong to cancel it.

  5. mick says:

    bring back earl

  6. Rebecca says:

    Wow I have been watching them all and was convinced I was missing some because of the way it ended. I absolutely love this show and that sucks the way it ended come on they could have atleast given them one more season just to wrap it up j mean he didn’t even finish the list..

  7. Dustin says:

    Actually ‘Carnivale’ got two seasons, but had a story-arc which was intended for at least six. Sucks when ratings overrides quality television, because it’s often not the show’s fault.

  8. tasha says:

    I totally agree!!! I was very disappointed when it ended without even knowing how Earl reacts to actually being the father of Dodge… I was like what the heck? It can’t be the end I searched and searched and found out it was indeed the end… :( I absolutely loved that show!! I will rematch all of the seasons frequently!

  9. Jenny says:

    Well I just set down and watched my name is earl, Why did they cancel the season…I really really liked the tv show..It made my laugh so much…I went out and bought all 4 seasons..

  10. sonsoles says:

    i really want to know who earl jrs dad is what the hel is going on

  11. Mike says:

    This show was one of the best written on TV. The plots were excellent for a half hour show. I’m really surprised another network failed to pick this show up. Even the reruns are worth watching. And with so much left unfinished and the following that has grown with the reruns it would be a lock to get a high number of viewers wanting to see Earl finish the list.

  12. sean says:

    Watched all four seasons over the last few months. Just watched the last episode a few minutes ago. Quite upset as to how it ended. I will miss it dearly.

  13. Rylee says:

    Bring earl back!!

  14. Diana says:

    I have been hooked on Netflix and now THATs IT!


    I need CLOSURE!!!!

  15. We love Earl and the entire cast is amazing. Would really love to see it return. We are now watching raising Hope and noticed in the pilot the mention Earl finished his list and you won’t believe how it ends on the news. Hope is set in the same county a town over and I would love to see some Earl characters come back. Randy, earl and Crabman have done bit parts as other people on the show.

  16. Alanna says:

    They should make a TV movie to wrap everything up

  17. Rob says:

    That’s a good idea! It would have been a cheaper way for the network to tie up loose ends for fans as opposed to doing another season. Yet doing absolutely nothing is, as always, the cheapest option.

  18. Alexis says:

    We have to bring this show back! We still can!

    Go like the page and get more info on there!

  19. They are some idiots at NBC it must stand for no brains company Earl was great!!!!!!

  20. BigBadBob says:

    HAHAHA I like that!

  21. Mike Bradley says:

    “Hey Earl!”, response…”Hey Crab-man!”…classic

  22. Marco Antonio Granda Espinoza says:

    I agree with you
    I started watching all the episodes of my name is earl since a month and a half and today I just finished the last episode
    And it really makes me mad that the tv show ended with such a great start. I love this tv show bcuz is not a classy stupid tv show like the ones that we have now with all that stupid drama scenes.
    My Name is Earl really had a lot to bring up. Even though there where some boring episodes , there where some better waiting around the corner.
    What I’m saying is that I will really love to finish the series or at least I will really love to meet the actors and give them a good pet in the back for such a great work they they on the tv show

  23. Zette says:

    I think My Name Is Earl…. Is one of the most enjoyable (and funniest!) shows that I have ever seen!!
    I am currently watching it on NetFlix.
    The writing and acting are absolutely amazing. I am trying to pace my watching, so that I have some ‘new’ episodes to look forward to…
    (but even though I am trying.. I am already half way through Season3,sigh)
    I don’t know why another network did not pick up the show!
    Especially is TBC!!!

    So my suggestion is….
    It is up to you, and you and you… To petition NETFLIX!!
    Who better to pick up the torch?


  24. Yer it did suck a little how they left it hanging in the balance,at least it all came together the way Jerry ended it,I think the network at least owed the fans a closing episode,yaknow,;-/(

  25. Calloway says:

    Just finished My Name is Earl on Netflix and I found it to be so hilarious that I placed it in my top 3 favorite sitcoms of all time. Only problem is that it unfairly ended too soon. I blame myself for not suporting it while it was on the air, honestly miss judged the show at first I didn’t give it a chance cause I thought it looked stupid, who looks stupid now? Lol. Even though its been off the air for a few years now I hope another network will see how much we all enjoy it on Netflix and pick it up for a few seasons.

  26. Todd says:

    This is why the ratings are going down for the 3 major networks and why people in general would rather watch Netflix or DVD’s. Why should I invest my time watching a show from the beginning when the network might cancel it at any time. They need to start giving a serie a set number of years and then decide whether to go on or not.

  27. Stef says:

    Just bring earl back!!! So pissed just not fair

  28. Monique says:


  29. petr says:

    Earl, please, come back!!

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