NHL Winter Classic 2010

I noticed that this news article at nhl.com stated that there would be a “major announcement” taking place at Fenway Park (where the Boston Red Socks play) on Wednesday. Hmmm…the NHL giving a major announcement at a baseball park? That could only mean that the Winter Classic will be played at Fenway this year, meaning the Boston Bruins will be hosting another team.

For those that dont know, the Winter Classic is an outdoor NHL game that takes place on New Years Day. Its a whole other game as the players now play outside, and have to deal with the environment (such as wind and temperature) as they try and play a game of hockey. I still would have loved to see the Rangers play at Yankee Stadium, but thats not happening. Maybe next season…

Heres some pics from last year, when the Detroit Redwings and Chicago Blackhawks played at Wrigley Field:

winterclassiclogo winterclassic2009

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