Sacred 2 Character Build Guide- Shadow Warrior


This guide is to help you develop what I believe is a pretty kick-ass Shadow Warrior in Sacred 2. I plan to do a character guide for all the characters eventually, but right now I am focusing on my favorite…the Shadow Warrior.

First off, if you’re brand new to the game and have not made a character yet…pick the Shadow Warrior. He is awesome for beginners to use to learn the ropes of the game. Why? The Shadow Warrior is pretty much the “tank” of the game…he can take physical damage, dish out physical damage, looks awesome, and has some really great combat arts. Not only is he powerful himself, but you can use the combat art Nether Allegiance to have up to four skeleton warriors at your side, and they can take damage as well as duke it out. Between himself and his undead friends, it will be tough for a player using the Shadow Warrior to die.


So lets get down to business. As you know, there are 10 skills that every character can learn. These skills are unlocked at levels 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 18, 25, 35, 50, and 60. Playing as a Shadow Warrior, there are the skills I feel make the best character:

  • Death Warrior Focus- the bread and butter of the SW- most combat arts deal with melee attacks
  • Astral Lord Focus- allows the SW to fight from a distance, and to summon allies to fight for him
  • Concentration- this way you can have two buffs active at the same time
  • Tactics Lore- unlock this and pump five points into it, so that you can use Dual Wield
  • Dual Wield- whats better than using two swords at once
  • Divine Devotion- unlock this and pump five points into it, so that you can use Enhanced Perception
  • Enhanced Perception- helps you find more items, and there is a better chance the item will be awesome
  • Armor Lore- makes armor better, and makes your combat arts recharge faster
  • Constituton- increases your health and health recharge rate- a must have for a melee fighter
  • Combat Reflexes- makes it harder for enemies to hit you

So, based on these skills, you can see that the Shadow Warrior will be a melee fighter, getting right into the action. Skills like dual wield, constitution, and combat reflexes will allow him to last longer in a fight before you go running for potions. Also, he will not be alone in the fight, since his Astral Lord Lore will allow him to summon minions faster to help you vanquish your enemies. Now lets get into the Combat Arts.


Now the following paragraph goes for any character you are building. In Sacred 2, there are three combat art aspects per character, and each aspect has five combat arts your character can learn (and in most cases, one of these is a buff.) Now my recommandation is that you concentrate on only two aspects. That is, when learning skills like above, only get the Focus and Lore skills for the two aspects you will use most. The reason you want to do this is to conserve skills for other things, rather than just buffing up your aspects, and also because it will give you more runes which you will not use, and thus can be traded in for the runes you do use. So with my Shadow Warrior, I concentrate on Death Warrior and Astral Lord as my two main aspects.

So now that thats done, lets discuss the combat arts. With combat arts, there is no order in which to learn them…it all depends on when you get your first rune for that combat art. For example, if you want to learn Nether Allegiance, you will have to wait until you either find a Nether Allegiance rune in the field(from a chest or enemy drop) or you can trade in other runes for the Nether Allegiance one.


Here are the combat arts you will want to learn to make a badass Shadow Warrior:

Death Warrior:

  • Demonic Blow- a single powerful hit- when teamed with dual wield, becomes two powerful hits
  • Scything Sweep- a wide attack against several enemies in front and to the side of you
  • Rousing Command- Raises your attack power
  • Grim Resilence (Buff)- Raises your max hitpoints and spell resistance

Astral Lord:

  • Spectral Hand- a powerful ranged attack
  • Skeletal Fortification- a tower rises and fires arrows at nearby enemies for a limited time
  • Shadow Veil- makes you undetected in case you ever need to sneak around
  • Rallied Souls- enemies you just killed can be resurrected and then fight for you
  • Nether Allegiance (Buff)- up to four skeleton warriors will always follow you around and attack enemies

Manevolent Champion:

  • Frenzied Rampage

So there you have it. With Death Warrior, you will be using Demonic Blow and Scything Sweep quite often to take on enemies. Demonic Blow can be modified to damage nearby enemies (Vehemence), poison your enemies (Poisoning) and to drain your opponents health to replenish yours (Life Leech). Scything Sweep can be modified to do more damage (Force),  stun them (Numb), and send them flying (Hurl). Grim Resilence can be modded to further increase your defensive abilities. I suggest Fortify (raise max hitpoints) and Readiness and Reflex (makes it harder for enemies to hit you). Rousing Command can be modded to make it last longer (Persistence), increase your attack speed (Impulse), and to make all your combat arts regen faster (Surge). Do not waste your mod points on Grim Resilence and Rousing Command until you max out Demonic Blow and Scything Sweep.

With Astral Lord, the first thing you want to mod is Nether Allegiance. I recommend getting three skeletons. Four is a waste I feel. Also, the game tends to lag a lot, so the less characters on the screen the better. Instead, use your next two mods to raise their attack and defense. Next, mod out Rallied Souls. You’ll want to mod it so that it effects a wider range (Dark Realm), and then get more of them out there at once (with Demand and Contagion.) Next you can jump between Skeletal Fortification and Spectral Hand. With Spectral Hand you will want to concentrate on modding the damage (Clout and Chill), and then go for the Double Attack. With Skeletal Fortification, I suggest Rapid Fire, Ice Shards, and Scatter Shot for mods. Like I said, it doesnt matter which of these you build up, just do what you feel like.

I also say that you should use Manevolent Champion’s Frenzied Rampage. This is a series of melee attacks which are pretty sweet for close-range melee combat. For mods, I recommend Double Attack and Double Strike (chance to strike twice on one attack) and Vampire (drain the health of your enemies to replenish your own.)

One last thing I want to say is that I recommend creating a combo out of Rousing Command and Skeletal Fortification. Both are temporary boosts, which are very useful when facing an onslaught of enemies.

For slotting these skills, I have three weapons mapped to my Shadow Warrior’s main Action Slot- triangle and square are used for my melee weapons (a combination of swords and axes, depending on what I have in my inventory. Circle is used for my bow, and X is used for Demonic Blow. On Action Slot 1 (R2), I have Scything Sweep, Rallied Souls, Spectral Hand, and Frenzied Rampage. On Action Slot 2 (L2) I have the two buffs (Grim Resilence and Nether Allegiance), Shadow Veil, and the combo for Rousing Command/Skeletal Fortification. This is similar to all my characters, where I usually have a main combat art attached at X, then offensive combat arts at R2, and defensive combat arts and buffs at L2.


The Shadow Warrior’s mount is the Hell Hound. It is a pretty quick mount, and I recommend it, to a degree. Yes, you will be faster, and of course the Hell Hound looks cool, but I find I have trouble attacking enemies when mounted. Scything Sweep and Demonic Blow are both very cheap when using them on the mount, as in they dont always hit, and they do less damage. If you are using the Hell Hound, I recommend purchasing the red one, which is the one that will give negative regen time to Death Warrior combat arts. This is because you will find yourself using Demonic Blow and Scything Sweep far more than Spectral Hand.

Personally, I use the Hell Hound to travel long distances, but I often find myself dismounting when I want to fight. Also, you will take more damage on the Hell Hound, so be ready to use a few more potions than usual. While it is not the best, I still recommend it because it is useful for when you are exploring new places or want to get somewhere in a hurry.


Conclusion and General Tactics

I hope this guide helped out. I think it makes for a very strong, decent Shadow Warrior. He is able to get into the midst of fights and hold his own, and he can keep summoning assistance to make the battles go easier. Also, he is the character who you will use the least amount of potions on, so it may be a good idea to stockpile his potions in the hero chest, so your other characters can take them as they need them.

A few final pointers:

  • He is a melee fighter, so dont be afraid to take on enemies head-on.
  • When using Dual Wield, use whichever weapons you have that are best. It doesnt matter if its a sword, axe, or something else one-handed.
  • Always carry a bow to do some long-range damage when you have the chance
  • Save often- between Nether Allegiance and Rallied Souls, there can be a lot of characters on the screen at once. The game is known to occassionally glitch and freeze, so saving frequently will ensure that if it does happen, you wont lose much.

Thanks for looking, and there will be more guides to come!


  1. Steve says:

    Sweet guide. i will be taking alot of this into consideration next time we play online. i have not thought about a few of the things you mentioned. you clearly have put your time into making this guide and i thank you.

  2. Panochaloveer says:

    Amazing build still new to game I’m not sure if it matters to have a certain amount of skill points on certain skills does it? And how many times to put on combat arts..?

  3. Angelo martinez says:

    yes but I can’t find the hell bound I just have regular horses like the charger so how Do u get the hell bound?

  4. BigBadBob says:

    It’s a unique quest you have to start up. Here’s a guide to help out:

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