New Years Resolution- Stop Pre-Ordering Video Games

Stop Preorders


There was a time when pre-ordering video games made sense, especially when online retailers like Amazon would often offer a $10 credit for pre-ordering. Sadly that has become a thing of the past, and now there is pretty much no benefit to pre-ordering. Sure, you may get a “timed-exclusive” bit of DLC, but let’s face it, it’s just a different colored shirt for your PVP character or a gun that will be useless once you level up a bit.

On top of that, games are just getting less reliable. With the wonders of the internet companies can create patches on the fly to fix bugs. This gives them an excuse to ship out an unpolished game, knowing that they can fix it “eventually.” The face-melting glitch from Assassin’s Creed is proof enough of this. Is it really fair for video game developers and publishers to expect you to pay full price for a game that isn’t finished? I call shenanigans!

How I felt after playing Aliens: Colonial Marines...

How I felt after pre-ordering Colonial Marines

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BigBadBob’s 2014 Game of the Year Awards


The best 2014 had to offer

The best 2014 had to offer

Another gaming year has come and gone. The usual Fall launch was not as bad as usual, with a few big-name titles getting delayed to 2015, which was a relief for my Gamefly queue. My PS4 and Vita got a lot of love over the year, and the return of the Wii U to my household also provided hours of nostalgic fun. So let’s dig into what were some of the games I got the most enjoyment with this year.

Action/Adventure Game of the Year: Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor

One wraith to kick all their asses

One wraith to kick their asses

One usually shudders at the idea of video games based on movies, but Shadow of Mordor proved to be more than a quick franchise cash-in. Using the combat system from the Batman Arkham series and throwing in some Peter Jackson-ish Middle-earth flair (riding wargs, decapitating orcs), Shadows of Mordor delivered an extremely fun and satisfying original story taking place in the land of Mordor. What really set Shadow of Mordor apart was the introduction of the Nemesis System. This allowed orc captains to be unique, named individuals who not only had different personalities, strengths and weaknesses, but would also level up against you if you failed to eliminate them. In my playthrough, Kaka Trollborn was my biggest adversary. I must have encountered him at least five times, and each time I either died during the battle with him and his minions or he was able to escape before I could sever his head. When I was finally able to end our grudge it was such a satisfying feeling. Not only was Shadow of Mordor an excellent action/adventure game set in Middle-earth, it also introduced a new concept that I hope other developers borrow from.

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Mac and Me: A Funeral for a Friend

It’s difficult to explain losing a friend you knew exclusively online. Some might argue that it is impossible to call someone a friend if you never met them face to face. That is something I would have to flat-out shoot down right here and now. It is very possible to build a meaningful friendship with someone who you interact with solely online, be it in exchanging e-mails, liking status’ on Facebook or playing games with them. With all that in mind, I would like to tell you the story of one of my online friends, Mac, who recently left this world.

I made first contact with Mac in late 2008. I initially met him through Co-Optimus, a website dedicated to cooperative video games. I had just purchased a PlayStation 3, and with this new world of online console gaming I was looking for some new friends to play with. Mac and I, along with several others on the site, were in the same boat, and many us would get together at night to play co-op sessions of Resistance 2 until the wee hours of the morning. It was through this game that I started to form some of my first online friendships, and Mac was there from the start.

Eight people were able to play a match of Resistance 2 at a time, so initially it was difficult to differentiate who everyone was. However, the next major game I played online was Uncharted 2, which had three player co-op, and here I was able to start getting to know Mac a little more. Then Dead Nation came out, and being a two-player title I was jonesing for a solid co-op partner to blow through the campaign with. Mac was ready and willing, and tackling and completing this game (earning the Platinum trophy together in the process) really solidified our bond as co-op partners. Read more

Requiem for the Rangers 2013-2014 Season


2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

Let me start off by saying this…this is the second post I’ve written about this topic. I was up early this morning (obviously didn’t get a good night’s sleep) and began banging out this ridiculously long-winded post about the ups and downs of the entire Rangers post season, and it was just too much.

In case you haven’t heard or figured out from the title of this post, the Rangers lost Game Five of the Stanley Cup Finals to the LA Kings in double over-time, with a final score of 3-2. I want to keep it classy, so first thing I’ll say is congrats to the Kings and Quick, who was such a huge force for them in their playoff run. I have huge respect for Quick, and see him as being in the same league as Lundqvist. His goaltending in Game Three was phenomenal, and he is the sole reason the Rangers lost that game. They played hard, had a lot of good opportunities, but he was in the zone and denied everything the Rangers threw at him. That being said, I wasn’t happy about how far down the receiving line he was before being offered The Cup last night. Goaltenders are what define a team. Just look at Washington. You have Ovechkin, who had the most goals last season (51), yet the Caps didn’t even make the playoffs. You need a solid goalie to succeed, and I didn’t like how the Kings snubbed Quick.

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Improving the Garage


When we first moved into the new house in October, the detached garage was a low priority for me. We weren’t planning on using it for cars since it was inconvenient compared to parking in front, and I didn’t have any “manly” stuff to put in there, so it was just a place to toss boxes and other junk that had no place anywhere else yet. That all changed when my parents and father-in-law came down last month and help me change the garage into a second mancave.

Let’s start with the “before” pictures:



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